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Little note from the redactor, my natural language is french, so i apologize for the probable incoherences in this text
Want to see mlam working ? - first php edition


Note : this part is strongly linked to the previous sections. Nothing will work if the structures have not been created.

Ok, we are going to do some work in php, so open your favourite php editor, and create a new file called edit_movie.php in the directory chosen for your dvd project. Note that some files have been created by mlam. You don't have to change them. Now copy-paste this code :
<META HTTP-EQUIV="pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<a href="edit_movie.php?id=-1">Movie creation</a><br>
<a href="edit_movie.php">Movie listing</a><br>
<form method=post enctype="multipart/form-data" action='edit_movie.php'>
<input type=submit>
Now take your favourite explorer or navigator, and open the url edit_movie.php in you project web. We have this :
Movie creation
Movie listing
Search in the title
    Number of results found : 0 (0-10)    
Title of the movie Year of first release
Ok, this is empty for the moment, we have a submit button which don't have to be here, but hey, see what you have developped ? Now follow the link movie creation. You have this :
Movie creation
Movie listing
Movie title
Year of first release
Id in imdb
Some comments ?
Yes, I know, the size for entering the comments is a little big, but don't forget that you have an administration tool to change it very easily :)
Test it, you're now able to enter new data, list it, search it. Well, in fact you have finished the developments for your movies. Mlam ensures at any time that you provide correct data (try fooling around with the year for instance).
To avoid this button in the listing, it would have been better to create one file for listing the data, and another one to edit them, or event add php commands to show this button only with an id variable, that's your choice, and this is another particularity of mlam. You are completely free to do whatever you want with mlam. Mlam is just a tool, it does a lot of work, but you're still the only master in your work ;)

Ok, we have now our first edition page created with mlam. It's time to make your dvd tool more complete, more complicated perhaps ? We'll see...

On to the dvds !