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Note from the redactor:
As you can easily see, this page isn't meant to deal with the best graphics ever seen on the web.
I don't know how to handle properly a mouse to draw anything decent, so don't expect candy eyes here :)

Mlam 1.0 is here on sourceforge

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Mlam is a tool written in PHP (version 4). It simplifies a lot of tasks for developpers writing administration sites in this language to manage databases in Mysql.
Even if the main purpose of mlam is the html edition of database records, it comes also with other functions to help developpers to create an efficient administration tool for efficient websites.
With only a little time in an specific administration tool, and the creation of a php file containing no more than 3 lines in php, you can manage the insertion and edition of various elements in your table (text, numbers, dates, external keys, files, pictures...).

Mlam is free (GPL license).
Mlam is currently in version 1.0.
For the present time, I (marc hugon) am the only developer.

Special note concerning the new input mechanism since php4.1.0
Mlam (which makes intensive use of this mechanism) doesn't yet support this new format.
So don't expect it to work with php4.1.0 with the variable register_globals in php.ini on off.

The current (mlam 1.0) distribution contains an error, it is impossible to make searches in listing mode (not in edition). I don't think distributing a new version for this, because this is very easy to fix.
In the file mlam_fonctions.php, replace the line 1310 :
and that's it...