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Is mlam something like phpmyadmin ?
No. Phpmyadmin is an excellent tool to administrate mysql database. Mlam doesn't allow this kind of administration, it just deals with the content of your tables, event if it uses the properties of your tables to offer accurate options. Moreover, mlam is not a complete software, it is a library. You, as a developper, has still work to do with mlam, but not the boring one.

I still don't understand what's mlam for ?
Have you worked on administration sites for websites ? Have you done pages for various users to input or update data in mysql databases ? So you have written lot of pages containing html forms to allow your users to edit data, and you have also written lot of functions to make the changes in database, with specific functions to verify that the users are not doing wrong things. That's what mlam offers you to do much much much easier and much much much faster. Mlam does other things, but THIS was the main point in developping mlam.

Mlam and PEAR, is this the same thing ?
I think that there are common things, but to be really honest, I still don't know exactly what is PEAR, and I absolutely don't know how it works. So I can't answer this question. Maybe someone could help.

That's all ?
Yes ;) Even with the impressive amount of downloads (at least from my point of view), I received very few emails for now, so I can't really add any frequently asked question yet... Don't hesitate to mail me if you have any problem.