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- added the possibility to remove entries for existing installations. No file is actually removed, only the corresponding entry
- corrected an error in administration tool when using ',' in the informations to show in the data listing
- corrected an error in administration tool making some choices disappearing for html edition or file manipulations
- corrected a bad functionality in the administration tool which allowed direct editing of html options without saving the structure in the configuration first, hence making errors if this link was followed
- added possibility to delete thumbs option in the administration tool for the pictures
- added the possibility to create thumbs even without imagemagick, using the gd library
- added the option to delete pictures in the data, only if the corresponding field allows NULL values
- when encoutering dates like 0000-00-00, mlam does now accept it just like a NULL value
- the administration tool now sends a cookie to the user to store is language choice
- added a protection in the administration tool to check a final / or \ when beginning a new installation.
- corrected all the errors with windows directory's names.
- corrected a warning in the administration tool when not using thumbs for pictures
- added an error message in the administration tool when the user tries to edit a table which doesn't have a primary key
- in the administration tool, you don't have anymore to give structure name for external key
- corrected an error in the administration tool when not giving an order to list the data
- corrected an error in the administration tool with selection by picture in external key options
- corrected an error in the administration tool with search option in external keys
- improved the possibility to delete choices in external key options
- corrected a bug in the results of a search in external keys
- added the possibility to use a search engine in multi select by link table options
- the structures are now shown in alphabetical order, the current one being selected
- corrected an error when using more than one multi select by link table in a structure
- added the possibility to indicate the order of the data linked by a multi select by link table
- corrected an error when indicating the number or rows to use in external key options
- added the possibility to only show the data for simple external keys
- corrected an error when including mlam_tables_def.php from another directory
- added the function mlam_table_change (see the cache section for more details)
- added a detection of unused sub-structures to delete them while saving the data in the administration tool
- added some kind of make up in the administration tool
- tried to make the default style sheet less ugly

1.0 beta 2

- corrected an error when trying to use an external key in the search engine
- in this same search engine, corrected the missing values when selecting a structure for data creation
- corrected a wrong indication when editing an existing structure for adding a multi selection
- corrected (I hope so) a bug in mlam_tables_def.php creation with a new project
- corrected a warning when loading mlam_tables_def.php without any structure
- corrected warnings when using search options in edition
- corrected a really really stupid warning in mlam_cache.php (sorry sorry)
1.0 beta 1

- the cache is now completely functional and new functions have been added (see cache documentation)
- the possibility to list the data has been implemented (see listing documentation)

- fixed a wrong error message for values exceeding the database limitations.
- corrected the pull down lists. They now show an empty value only if the corresponding row in database accepts the null values.
- fixed a major bug in html edition when showing more than one data in this mode in the same page. Selecting an option like "bold" in one data was deleting values in the other data in html edition.
- removed a "test" button in html edition. It wasn't doing anything, I forgot it :)

- fixed the possibility to resize the window for html edition, it works now
- mlam accepts now dates like yyyy-00-00 or yyyy-mm-00
- added authentification for structure editing in mlam_init.php (same login/pwd from the table users)
- corrected a bug preventing the use of character ' in names for the rows
- added the possibility to edit all the main data from mlam_tables_def.php in mlam_init.php
- corrected a conflict when only showing a structure


various improvements and debugs...