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To give a glimpse at what you are able to do with mlam, I tried to implement on sourceforge a real complete sample. But I've been stuck with this server, which seems to have problems with the session variables. The problem is that mlam use them intensively, particularly in the administration tool.

I've finally managed to make some things work. I still don't understand exactly why some things work and other things don't, but you have now the opportunity to see by yourself how is defined the little website here. The most interesting part is the DVD feature. Go see the only title in the base, and look at the source code.

If you want to see how these things have been defined, follow this link. This is mlam's administration tool, in a demo version (in which you can't save any changes). Have a look at the edit_dvd structure to understand how mlam can manage a complexe structure.

Now you should understand what's mlam for and how it works. If you have any question, don't hesitate to mail me at